Holy Crap! I'm online!

Life in the UK test

Notes for tomorrow. Somehow it sticks better if I write it or type it. Some HTML might help things stick.

If I pass, I may have to have to celebrate. If I fail, well, I will be going broke trying to pass it before December at £30+ a go.

I told my manager that I'm leaving a bit early so I can study, but to be honest, I don't have any work lined up for tomorrow so I may get to study at my desk. Then it's a short walk behind the University to the Newland Science park. Never heard of the place or seen it but at least it's close by.

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If anyone says "OMG BUT IT'S SOOOOO EAAASSSYYY!!!" I'm going to stab them in the face and piss in the wound. Sometimes even simple things are hard when you're dyslexic.
sup fruits

Shaniquacon UK 2009

Ok so for some reason, possibly due to that DDoS attack on LJ earlier this week, I can't get on LJ from the laptop. So now I'm on Jonny's desktop while he's watching UFC.

Man I had a lot of fun this past weekend! Well ok, minus the long trip, getting a bruise feeling on my buttcheek from sitting my fat ass on a wooden picnic table bench for 8+ hours, Dani getting me lost when we were already on a bus to my final destination hahaha but most of all... the hostel

oh snap

What in the fucking blue hell? that's all I can say! I'm never going to believe Jonny again when he says, "It was alright." Liar.

Check out this link. This is where I stayed. Looks clean, awesome, modern, funky, the place to be when you're a twenty-something and backpacking across Europe. this is a link to the Hostel Art. Looks lovely dosen't it?

Yes, yes it does.

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Holy Crap! I'm online!

Moving day!

So we start moving in TODAY! YAY! I thought I would make it fun for all involved and make a little contest! Here's your question:

Poll #1258254 New Home

Who will take the first poo in the new home?

Jonny - 'I take 30 min poos.'
Vikki - 'I haven't pooed in days/weeks'
Letting agent

What should be the prize for the winner(s)?

Interview yesterday.. ehh. I did mostly well, I was quizzed on my geek knowledge but it was plain to see where my one shortcoming was, and what an Achille's Heel it is. Jeez. All I have to say is... who the fuck still uses Microsoft Outlook?

They were impressed with my other knowledge and what I've done, I even threw in some geek humor. They asked me if I knew what the job entailed and I said, "Well yeah, I'm basically going to be taking calls and I will be telling them to turn it off and turn it back on again." They LOL'd and said, "Oh I see you're Microsoft Certified! You'll do well here!" I was starting to feel as though I didn't need to show my panties (Or flash em some nipple! lol)

When asked anything remotely to do with Outlook, I failed so damn hard. Fucking Outlook. I've used it before, sure. My approach has always been 'Click around till it does what you want it to do." or "Click on the help file." Jeez, I was talking about programming languages and SEO and they wanted to know about Outlook. Fuck them. When I asked what the hours were they said I would be working 5pm -9pm m-f. I nearly sighed in relief out loud. Looks like I dodged a bullet anyway! lol

OK fuckers, I have a lot of work to do now. I have to have shit ready to go by 3!